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Group Profile

Everestco Group is an integrated financial institution. its scopes of services include precious metal trading, cryptocurrency trading, financial consultancy, entertainments cultural business and charitable services.

In addition to continuing to focus on nurturing staff, developing talents and initiating pragmatic innovation, it is also committed to sustaining its business development. In this era, we understand that the impacts to commercial environment and community brought by a business often form perception from the public. At the same time, The Group is also committed to investing in new business, which will contribute to the environmental revolution in the future. We have initially developed in the related scopes. Thanks to the dedicated hard work and professionalism of our employees, The Group always sees an optimistic outlook in the future.

To further enhance the quality of service for individual customers, enterprises an institutional customer, we have stepped up to optimize the services by providing professional consultancy and full investment portfolio services. In future, we will be committed to developing more innovative products and delivering superior services. In the face of the emerging challenges of the market, we will as well strive to enhance our business expertise.

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