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Trading rules

Unit(per hand) 100 2500 10 100
Trading spread Float Float Float Float
Basic deposit USD1000 USD1000 USD1000 USD1000
Buy and sell limit price/stop loss order Outside the market price of 2 US dollars Outside the market price of 2 US dollars Outside the market price of 2 US dollars Outside the market price of 2 US dollars
Single minimum transaction quantity USD0.01 USD0.001 USD0.1 USD0.1
Remarks The spread will slightly drift as the market changes dramatically

Closed half an hour before the weekend will be adjusted spreads, the price display system to prevail; large price fluctuations, spread costs may adjust according to market conditions, the price display system to prevail. Everestco Group charged at the standard spread, but will be adjusted spread before the usual weekend closed, the Company reserves the right to adjust the point spread betting platform charges without prior notice, the Company has the right to interpret and discretion to charge a pip.

1. Customers can for the customer's trading account to deposit funds in accordance with capital injection provided on our website.
2. Unless the company to verify injection of funds acknowledge receipt of the customer, otherwise the company will not be able to customers for injection.
3. Transaction costs arising as customer funding by way of bank transfer shall be borne by the client himself.

1. Before the first withdrawal must be submitted to the customer's own bank card and a photocopy of the ID card to the Company or the Company's customer withdrawal requests will not be accepted.
2. Single client application for withdrawal remittance processing fee of $ 50 or more arising shall be borne by the Company.
3. Customer single application withdrawals under $ 50, the company will charge them $ 300 as a transfer fee.
4. When customers apply the trading volume of withdrawals less than 50% of the capital injection, the company will charge 6% of the withdrawal amount as a transfer fee.
5. Since the Company will make application for withdrawal is received, according to the process is expected to deal with and the money remitted within 2 hours.
6. In view of the third-party reasons, bank payments processing speed beyond our control and predict accurately. Therefore, customers may be unable to receive funds in case of extracted within 2 hours. Customer agrees not account for the money credited into account time over 2 hours long or financial accountability.
7. Arrival currency is based on customer receivables held by Location bank card, bank card customers arrival mainland in RMB, Hong Kong bank card customers arrival currency for Hong Kong dollars, the rest of the customer arrival currency is the dollar.
8. Everestco Group all interpretation and the decision to retain the financial injection and withdrawal fees.

Exchange rate
All non-US dollar deposits will be converted into dollars. Withdrawals, the company will market exchange rates for the respective currency exchange customers. Customer agrees that the Company redeemed at market exchange rates provided by.

Profit and stop-loss entry orders valid set
Profit and stop-loss entry orders valid set for a trading week, closed all weekend after not Jiancang pending order and stop profit setting is not performed will be canceled. If necessary, customers can re-set after the market opened on Monday. In addition, the need for international holiday closed, all outstanding and pending Jiancang stop / profit settings are not executed will also be canceled.

Short positions limits
As a large number of customer transactions a single position less than 5 minutes, are likely to be included within the scope of unusual transactions, long or short-term trade finance to final interpretation.

Trading Platform enforcement mechanisms
Client understands and agrees that the trading platform is processing an order in accordance with its own enforcement mechanism, when at the same time, multiple orders are to reach the effective price, the order is not executed in accordance with the price order, the order will establish a single transaction is judged one of the factors. Where the same time involved in processing platform to issue the order price of a single transaction, the customer agrees to the transaction processing mechanism platform prevail, long or final interpretation of the financial mechanism of transaction processing platform.

Set distance
Stop entry orders and / profit from the price set distance may be different at different times is provided. Everestco Group reserves the right to change the setting from the right without prior notice, all set to a distance not and will actually set trading platform system prevail.

Re-quotes allow distance
Trading platform comes with anti-skid function point, when the price at the time of submission of the price of different systems and server process will re-offer and wait for the customer to confirm the customer can set your own tolerance. The maximum deviation allowed pricing and price is the customer side said that the range of acceptable not re-offer in the market volatility, the price beating fast, even though the customer to set the allowable deviation is large, it is also possible because the price is no longer on the market presence , the current market price or deviate too much can not be traded.

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